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  Insurance Commitee Notes      
Highlights from July 2015 MeeTing
submitted by Katyryn DeVries

The following items were discussed at theJuly meeting. The CRA Insurance Committee meets quarterly with members of our preferred provider EPIC Brokers (formerly Leavitt / Jenkins) to review various matters affecting our industry within the liability, workers compensation and health care arena.


CRA WC Claims Review & Report EPIC Insurance Group
We reviewed statistics of one of the main carriers for the CRA insurance program. The body part injury with the highest frequency and most monies paid continues to be the back area, followed by foot injuries. There is an expected increase in temporary disability rate for 2016, their best advice is to get employee back to work in any capacity as soon as possible to shorten claim time.

  • Return to Work Program – EPIC suggests creating a strong return to work program. The offer a service where a third party vendor will manage your employee if you do not have modified duty available. They will set up the employee with a non profit that will be able to find a job that fits there modifications. This third party vendor keeps track of hours etc. You will have to pay the employee their standard wage, but they will not collect TD while in this program – and if they refuse they cannot collect TD either. It keeps the employee active and can set them up for job hardening while they recover.

  • First Aid Program – There is the opportunity to reduce your claim frequency by paying First Aid Only claims directly to the occupational health facility rather than starting a traditional claim. There are guidelines on when you can and a good relationship with you occupational health facility is key as well. Some examples of then when a claim can be paid directly are: if there are no stitches, no prescription medicine issued, not more than one follow up appointment, there was no loss of consciouness of hearing loss, and if there are no work restictions or limitations enacted.

  • W/C Fraud – If the employer hears something “thru the grape vine” or suspects that an injury either did not occur or did not happen at the workplace, employer needs to notify the broker or claims adjuster as soon as possible. They only have 90 days to decide whether or not to deny a claim, after that time period they have to proceed.

Rental Scam Reported by CRA Alert Broadcast –
United Rentals has started their own reporting system.  We will review with counsel if we can contribute CRA alerts to this program. We also reviewed the increase in generator thefts and what board members are doing to minimize exposure; cabling, requiring vehicle registrations, and making sure employees are trained on recognizing fake drivers licenses. Reviewed security features of current valid CADL’s.


CRA Package Update –
Not a lot of change since the last meeting.  In the CRA program, GL and property rates are flat, premium increases due to increased employee counts and increased revenues. 
Workers’ Comp – rates down 5-10% depending on employee class codes and loss history.  Same players in the industry.

  • Epic Jenkins Partner Report –
    Live Support –
    available to call back within 24 hrs
    Other Resources available - training films – advice – etc.  Recommended by past board member that uses the service currently. Cost $200~$500 year based on employee count.
  • Cyber Liability Program
    EPIC partnered with another company to help with Cyber Liability Coverage.  Normally not covered within general liability coverage premiums from $500 ~ $4000 year. Covers breech in customer information and/or credit card fruad (hacking).

Truck Rental Insurance
A committee member showed a form that he has been using for truck rentals and was asking for input on changes that could be useful for insurance claims. There is an issue with cash account contracts written under a business name when it comes to vehicle rentals. The personal insurance of the driver will not cover if deemed ‘commerical use’. Suggestions from board were do not put cash account contracts in business’ name; to have person sign ‘in care of’ business (not sure if this will help insurance issue); or having a ‘for personal use’ check box on supplemental.


CRA Benefits Reports -  EPIC Benefits
Renewals are coming for December 1 policy holders, grandfathered plans may still be honored by some carriers, however most will have to switch to the metalic ACA plans.
Benefits may be similar but out of pocket cost will go up substantially. Rate structure will be blanket rates based on specific age of the covered individual from banded rates and could cost more or less depending because experience is not taken into consideration. ACA plans will in 2016 rates will be age specific to everyone who is insured.

  • 100+ FTE employee employers must provide health care for 2015 that is adequate (at least bronze level) and that is affordable (deemed as 9% of w-2 income or more employee contribution).
  • 50+ FTE for 2016 For employers who have 50+ employees you will need to file 1094C and 1095C forms for Feb 28, 2016 for 2015 year (equivalent to 1099’s for health ins).

401k Program Review – EPIC Benefits
New program will eliminate CRA having to bill individual plan people. At present they are building a specific site that CRA can send people to via a website link.  He will submit an article for the journal.


Article in November edition of CRA Rental Rally Magazine
Requested an articles for the new Magazine, quarterly edition that comes out in November. Current suggestions – Cyber Insurance / ThinkHR; 401k offerings; mitigating workers comp costs.

CRA West Coast Rental Rally Tradeshow Seminars –
We may have room to have an insurance training seminar at the 2016 Rental Rally; will know more in August when seminar schedule is set by MATRA.


Your feedback is appreciated. If you have any questions for the Insurance Committee please feel free to contact the CRA.