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 Why Rent      

Renting Is Good Business:

As the cost of buying new construction or homeowner equipment escalates each year, the benefits of renting become very clear.  Renting puts you in control. It allows you to do the job yourself, at your convenience - using the right equipment.

If your special event needs extra supplies or equipment: tables & chairs, serving dishes, decorations, fountains, tents, arches, etc., renting makes good sense. Party/event rental centers can offer you a wide variety of merchandise from their specialized inventories.

So, if your use is temporary or limited, and the purchase price is high, then renting makes sense for you.

  • Correct Equipment for the Job
    Renting means the right equipment matches the right job. Renting ensures safety and efficiency and it will save money by avoiding many hidden costs incurred through misused equipment.

  • Variety
    Renting your party/event supplies and equipment means you have more to choose from. Party/Event Rental Centers have extensive inventories: various colors, styles, and sizes of party supplies to make your event one-of-a-kind.

  • Maintenance
    Renting eliminates numerous expenses associated with owning or leasing equipment since rental rates include full maintenance. There are no repair shops, no spare parts, no mechanics, no parts supply inventory or maintenance records. All of which saves money.

  • Down Time
    All equipment breaks down. Down time costs money through lost productivity or an idle employee. Breakdown costs don't apply to rented equipment because the rental center immediately replaces it.

  • Storage
    Owning means storing. Rental items require no storage hassles for the user - a very appealing benefit to businesses with low overhead - because the rental center bears the burden of storage cost.

  • Mobility
    Rental items can be found everywhere. Whether it's a bride planning an outdoor wedding, or a contractor winning a bid across state, a CRA rental center can be found.

  • Taxes and License Cost
    None for users of rental items.

  • Cost Control
    It's easy with rental equipment. When rental items are returned undamaged, the amount shown on the rental invoice is the only accountable cost figure the user pays.

  • Minimum Equipment for the Job
    When equipment stands idle, it costs the owner money. By avoiding the purchase of equipment used "every once in awhile," users need only purchase minimum equipment and supplement by renting equipment for speculated jobs or events.

  • Increase Borrowing Capacity
    By projecting a better ratio of assets and liabilities, borrowing capacity is increased because rented equipment does not appear as a liability on a balance sheet. Party planners, contractors and general businesses find this advantageous when attempting to secure financial resources.

  • Conservation of Capital
    Renting frees up money for more profitable uses; buying requires being tied down to owning costly equipment.