California Rental Association Membership Doesn't Cost...It Pays! With our new five-year Las Vegas/Rental Rally Tradeshow strategy in place, our tradeshows promise to be bigger and better than ever. CRA truly offers member benefits you simply cannot afford to be without! We invite you to renew your membership or become a new member today.

Discount Buying Programs - We all like to save money on things we buy for our business. CRA has "Service Valued Provider" programs in everything from fuel, credit card transaction fees, labor law posters, business forms and more. You will save more than your annual dues — many times more— guaranteed!

Opportunities to build valuable and profitable relationships - Networking and supplier relationships are built around years of CRA membership. Our company has been a member for over 40 years —we reaped countless benefits during our association with CRA. Glenn Phares, BS&E Company, Inc. Bakersfield, CA.

No extra charge (free!) Industry-Related Legal Advice - Two award-winning attorneys are retained by CRA to answer member questions regarding the law and how it relates to both Party and Equipment Rental businesses. Whether you are a "Big-Box" national chain with attorneys on staff or a "Mom and Pop" store, our attorneys can keep your lawyer from mishandling your legal situation. This benefit is huge in the face of outlandish jury awards made these days. Paul Peterson, Oasis Equipment Rental, Morro Bay, CA

Trade Shows, Business Seminars and Territory Meetings - We regularly attend territory meetings, educational seminars, yard tours and CRA's unique Rental Rally Tradeshow. There are many great opportunities to network with other rental folk and share our valuable insights ranging from reducing waste to securing our business place from after-hour vandalism and break-ins. Tony Beringer, Baker Rents, Costa Mesa, CA

Credit Card Processing - We have saved thousands by using the CRA Service Valued Provider credit card program versus our previous provider the "just found us." Patricia Sarris, A Party Center, San Rafael, CA

Business Form Service - CRA's Service Valued Provider printer is the only one automatically authorized to use our copyrighted Model Rental Contract. The contract is reviewed regularly by CRA's legal counsel and committee and is priced less than any competitor's bid on the same project. Robert Pederson, A Tool Shed, Santa Cruz, CA

Commercial Fueling Program - (Also known as the Card Lock Program) We have probably saved in the neighborhood of $3,000 every year by being in the CRA fueling program alone. Dale Blackwell, Aba Daba Rents, Sacramento, CA

Insurance Services - We have a premier Rental Insurance Program in place exclusively for CRA members, additionally; we have a premier provider for our CRA Program. EPIC (formerly Leavitt/Jenkins Group) has added a 401K retirement product to their stable of proven insurance products. EPIC has taken care of all of our insurance needs and have done so for well over 20 years. The father/daughter team of Ken deVries and Kathryn Mitchell, All Star Rents, Fairfield, CA

CRA's workers' compensation product is set up the way every business should be. We've saved a lot of money over the years with CRA insurance. Jeff Robert, City Rentals, Ontario, CA

We are big believers in 401K retirement programs. We had a long-term employee retire recently and he rolled over a very large contribution to supplement his social security income. This feature helps us hire and retain those special long-term employees that are necessary to our way of doing business. The cost of the program is minimal, thanks to the 401k sponsorship of CRA. Richard and Dale Briggs, Apex Rentals, RD Rentals, Ontario, CA

Legislative and Regulatory Agency Monitoring - All business owners need to be well informed on the various state and legal issues they face. The CRA staff works hard to keep members informed of regulations and laws affecting the rental industry and to help business people and owners band together to voice opposition to or support proposed legislation. Alex DuBose, Rental Guys, Inc., Chico, CA

CRA Alert Program - The CRA Alert Program is a unique crime prevention program that has been developed, tested and refined by CRA and its members. It informs other rental centers of store break-ins, job site thefts, and theft by conversion and provides a description of suspects and of the equipment reported stolen.

RSIF Scholarships and Disaster Relief - The Rental Services Industry Foundation (RSIF) provides students scholarships for members, their children, their employees, and the children of employees. It also provides disaster relief for member companies.

CRA Website, Monthly E-Journal and Quarterly Rental Rally Magazine - You will receive information on CARB regulations, tax issues, employee issues, upcoming events, industry news, and more with our publications and our members-only section of the CRA website.

About CRA

The California Rental Association (CRA), located in Sacramento, CA, is a nonprofit trade association representing the equipment and party rental industry since 1946.

CRA is governed by a Board of Directors composed of a 17 rental center members plus 5 Associate members.

Our member-led committees are charged with acting in the best interests of the association and shaping CRA’s programs and policy proposals.

The association staff is directed in these efforts by the Executive Director.