Protect Use of Propane Forklifts

Regulatory Up-date:

CARB is working on a rule to eliminate all forklifts with internal combustion engines because of the Governors executive order.  Their current timeline is to have the rule designed and submitted to the CARB Board in 7 months. The California propane industry is actively opposing this since propane is cleaner for the environment than electricity.

We need your help!
How you can help:
Step 1) Visit Western Propane Gas Association's Forklift Stake holder Website and Join our Coalition
We are asking all interested parties to visit our new website at: and join our coalition of stake holders looking to advocate for clean energy diversity and resiliency options.
Step 2) Stay Engaged
Once you have joined the coalition, stay up-to-date with current developments, share industry insight, scheduled workshops and opportunities to provide feedback to CARB.
Step 3) Share your Experiences with CARB
The next working group meeting will be in October, CARB will solicit feedback from stakeholders during workshops and public comment periods. These are opportunities to share public testimony as to the benefits of propane forklifts and why electric forklifts fail to meet your needs.
For more information regarding this coalition, please contact WPGA's Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Ben Granholm.  For details regarding the regulations, visit CARB's ZE Forklift website.
Thank you Julie Johnson, President of Ted Johnson Propane for the information.



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