Presidents Message

Jeff Roberts

Rusty Parr, CRA President

Welcome to the California Rental Association. This is where ideas, concerns and solutions come together, get stirred around a bit by interested members, and help is found or given. For almost 75 years (BTW, our 75 Year Anniversary Celebration is in the planning stages), member rental stores and associate member suppliers and manufacturers, have been helping each other to navigate regulations, equipment issues, employee problems and translating legalese. And, for almost 75 years, we, as a group, have been very successful.
The California Rental Association is a group effort, seeking input from all members, to help all members. Whether it’s guidance on CARB regulations, OSHA requirements, tenting knowledge, or any number of other issues that come up in the rental industry, the CRA is here to help. I would urge you to check into the resources that CRA has to help with your rental store operations. Of course, one of the best resources we have is the membership itself. A quick email or phone call to the CRA office will help point you in the right direction to finding a solution to your concern, or a sounding board for your ideas.
Personally, my favorite aspect of the CRA is the fellowship and relationships that I have developed (and am still developing) over the years. Territory meetings are a great way to meet other rental store owners in your region, which usually translate into contacts for all the different aspects that arise within your rental store. Of course, my favorite meeting of the year is the Rental Rally held each January. What a great opportunity to meet with vendors, see new equipment, take advantage of great deals, and take in valuable information to take back to your staff and employees. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy time with old friends and create some new friends.
So take advantage of all the things the CRA has to offer. Reach out to members when you have a question. Offer advice when another member is the one asking. And, above all, take the opportunity to participate whenever possible. When you are involved, everybody wins!

About CRA

The California Rental Association (CRA), located in Sacramento, CA, is a nonprofit trade association representing the equipment and party rental industry since 1946.

CRA is governed by a Board of Directors composed of a 17 rental center members plus 5 Associate members.

Our member-led committees are charged with acting in the best interests of the association and shaping CRA’s programs and policy proposals.

The association staff is directed in these efforts by the Executive Director.