Rental Leaders Boot Camp

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January 14-17
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Rental Leaders Boot Camp
Sunday January 14
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

CRA has contracted Peer Executive Groups to design and present “Rental Leaders Boot Camp” focused on developing key rental leaders inside your organization.  The session will run 6 hours over the course of one day with the following sections:

  1. You the Manager – The journey begins with a deep look into your behavioral profile to identify what type of leader you are and how to optimize it.  You will learn how to establish priorities even though the Rental Sales and Services is a reactive business.  Lastly, you will learn what it means to “delegate and elevate” and to get the maximum out of your individual strengths.
  2. Your Associates – Learn how continuous “conversations” vs. “performance reviews” impact your people.  Understand the changing landscape of the workforce and employee rights.
  3. Your Execution – Find out what metrics matter, how to implement continuous improvement to your processes and how the best operations make things happen in their companies.

Tickets purchased by December 31, 2023 are $495 per person. On-site tickets cost $525 per person.



About CRA

The California Rental Association (CRA), located in Sacramento, CA, is a nonprofit trade association representing the equipment and party rental industry since 1946.

CRA is governed by a Board of Directors composed of a 17 rental center members plus 5 Associate members.

Our member-led committees are charged with acting in the best interests of the association and shaping CRA’s programs and policy proposals.

The association staff is directed in these efforts by the Executive Director.