CARB - Off Road Fleets and Renewable Diesel Requirements

Beginning on January 1, 2024, all California Off-Road fleets will be required to  procure and only use R99 or R100 renewable diesel fuel in vehicles subject to the Off-Road Regulation. More....
Biodiesel is not permitted under this rule.
Fleet owners are required to comply with all reporting requirements including any additional reporting for exemptions. Fleets will have to affirm annually that they are in compliance with the renewable diesel requirements. Annual reports are due by March 1.
Fleets may be exempt from the renewable diesel fuel requirement if they are unable to procure R99 or R100. Fleets will be required to keep records describing the normal refueling methods, their documented attempts to procure renewable diesel fuel and proof that shows they were not able to procure renewable diesel (correspondence or contractor bids.)
Any fleet or fleet portion that is entirely comprised of vehicles with Tier 4 final engines, model year 2010 or newer on-road engines, or zero emission vehicles are exempt from the requirements.
There are two temperature exemptions that require additional reporting. Winter low temperature where the November through February temperature is below 20 degrees F. and Intermittent low temperature where the temperature drops or is expected to drop below 20 degrees F. (See the attached fact sheet for details and reporting requirements).
The requirements apply to rental vehicles operating in the state of California. Rental contracts will need to state that the renter must comply with the renewable diesel fuel requirements.
Contractors would be advised to amend contracts and bids with fuel suppliers to indicate that R99 or R100 are required and whenever the fuel is not available, the supplier should provide written documentation of the reason the specified fuel was not available.
The CARB fact sheet on the regulation requirements can be FOUND HERE:



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